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Sean Bjerke (House Dance)

Sean Bjerke (House Dance) is a house dance teacher based in Boston, MA. Before dancing, Sean began as a TaeKwon Do student in 1991. His martial arts training would later inspire him to pursue performance dance at Tufts University in 2001, and join his first professional dance company, Unyted Stylz (US), in 2006. In US, Sean was introduced to the foundations of many street dances, including hiphop, popping, locking, house, bboying and krump. He eventually engrossed himself in house dance, and sought instruction from the older generation of house pioneers to deepen his understanding of the style. Sean has been fortunate to learn from many elite house dancers who have heavily influenced his movement and teaching style. Notable influences include Caleaf Sellars, Cebo Carr, Tony McGregor, Edson Gonzaga Brian Green, Jardy Santiago, and Boston’s Steven Garcia and Sammy Savuth.

Today, Sean is a co-artistic director and choreographer for CONcept ARTists, an award-winning Boston dance company specializing in urban choreography. Since 2006, Sean has also led hiphop and house dance classes at The Jeannette Neill Dance Studio from 2010-2017 and taught at numerous workshops, universities and conventions. Also a producer, Sean was first introduced to stage production in college as a director of the Tufts Dance Collective. He’d later hone his production skills by co-producing 5 stage shows for Unyted Stylz Productions 2006-2012, and 2 CONcentrate on the ARTistry showcases in 2016 and 2017. He also helped attract Locking creator, Don “Campbellock” Campbell to Boston for the Beantown Lockers’ 2016 Vaudeville Funk locking festival, the first locking event of any kind in Boston since the early 1980s.

In addition to bolstering his dance education and network around the US, Sean still trains his first love, TaeKwon Do. In 2015, Sean became a TKD Master by obtaining his 4th Dan Black Belt.


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January 7, 2018