Roseann Ridings’ 11:15am Ballet Class is canceled today, February 21st.

Boston Rueda

“Rueda de Casino is a Cuban social dance in which two, three, four, or even more couples dance together. One of the dancers (a “caller”) signals the next move and all the “casineros” then do it at the same time. Some moves are strictly CASINO (couples don’t change partners) and some are clearly RUEDA (because the couples change partners as part of the move).

Rueda is usually danced to contemporary Cuban music called TIMBA. but it also can be danced to some Salsa songs. RUEDA is fun, fast-paced, very social and we love it!

CASINO is a “couples” dance”. RUEDA is a “group” dance.

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Boston Rueda teaches Rueda. We meet to explore new innovations, concepts, and specific calls of the 14 New Rueda Structures that we currently include in our Rueda di•ná•mi•ca curriculum (as described under “classes” at

The specific structure selected each night depends on the number of dancers in attendance, their proficiency with these structures, and BR preparation for upcoming Rueda festivals.

At the beginning of each session (in September and February), newcomers to BR are invited to join the Wednesday night class in order to learn the 4 primary components of Rueda di•ná•mi•ca: distance, speed, change of direction, change of structure.

Experienced BR casineros challenge their skills by learning the 5th component: changing Leader/Follower roles.

Note: Rueda di•ná•mi•ca is very different from Rueda de Casino as started in Cuba in the 1950’s and in Miami in the 1990’s. It is not “Salsa” nor is it danced to “salsa” music. BR classes feature modern Cuban music known as Timba.

5 month Session:
$125 for 30 hours of instruction and dancing Rueda.

Since all classes are progressive, there is no “drop-in” option.

For more information:
Questions or clarifications: email José at: [email protected].

Wed, Feb 28 @ 08:30 pm
8:30 pm — 10:00 pm (1h 30′)

José Barretto (Rueda)

Street shoes are not allowed in the studio at any time.